About Us



“Awakening Hearts… Reaching Families… Impacting the Community”
(Serving the region, not just a church)


Our Mission is to awaken the hearts of people to the Savior & His compassion. An Awakening that stirs purpose within them and encourages them to discover whom they are destined to be.

We desire to reach & strengthen family units. When healing and strength are brought to the home, there is a ripple effect on the schools, job force, & local government.

Our mission will be put into action by facilitating:

•A healthy & vibrant atmosphere.

•Hands-on teaching.

•Creative experiences & opportunities.

•Unique and intentional outreaches.

•A foundation of biblical teaching.

•All empowered by the freely moving presence of God

We believe that with the above combinations, that we can & will see an impact. Not just as an individual church, but coming alongside other local bodies of believers.

Meet Our Pastors

Pastors Sam & Sandra Lundgren

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